Mario Manzani | Guitarist, songwriter, arranger and producer: Blu Room Studio, O.R.O., Masini, Tozzi... |

manzani1 manzani3

Mario Manzani play Strat to OverCatDrive-Blu to Plexi.

Mario Manzani play Les Paul to OverCatDrive-Blu to JMP2203.


Stef Burns | Vasco Rossi Band, Alice Cooper, Michael Bolton, Huey Lewis & the News |

stef stefburns1

Stef Burns play MagicEye and VirusDrive


Ross Bolton | Based in Los Angeles, Ross Bolton has been a regular member of Al Jarreau's band since 1998.
Since joining the band he has toured the world many times, recorded on Jarreau’s last two CD’s and co- written two songs on Al’s most recent CD -”All I Got”.
Ross has also recorded or performed with Rick Braun, David Benoit, Warren Hill and English funksters Down to the Bone. Others include Anastacia, The Beach Boys, Jefferey Osborne, Sheena Easton and Nell Carter.
A few of Ross' TV and movie credits include "The Larry Saunders Show", "Everybody Loves Raymond", " Yes, Dear", "Casper", "Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place", "Fridays" and "Switch".

Recent projects include gigs with the “Ma Lee Bo” trio (pronounced Malibu ) where Ross has the honor of playing with legendary sidemen Rick Marotta and Will Lee, also his annual gig as house guitarist for Yamaha’s legendary “Groove Night” (a NAMM show phenomenon) and when he’s not on the road, local gigs around LA.

Ross has been on staff at The Musicians Institute (MI) in L.A. and the Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA) for many years. In addition, he has conducted seminars and clinics around the world. Guitar Player magazine has featured Ross as a guest columnist. His popular video “funk rhythm guitar” as well as a recent book and CD Rom are sold internationally, receiving praise from many major trade publications.

Ross Bolton & Al JarreauRoss Bolton & BoostCatDrive test

BoosCatDrive sample1 by Ross Bolton with Strat. Recorded using Logic through a Blankenship Leeds 21 amp.
This clips start with the pedal off, then at half volume, then full volume, then off again.

BoosCatDrive sample2 by Ross Bolton with Les Paul. Recorded using Logic through a Blankenship Leeds 21 amp.
This clips start with the pedal off, then at half volume, then full volume, then off again.


Patrick Rondat | Elegy, Consortium Project, G3 with Joe Satriani, Jean-Michel Jarre |

Patrick Rondat

VirusDrive sample by Patrick Rondat.


Luca Pasqua | Apple Pirates, Walter Calloni, Antonio Faraò, Accademia di Musica Moderna |


Pietro La Pietra | MTlive, Demo Morselli Band, Luca Jurman, Fiordaliso, Centro Professione Musica |


JMM Josep M. Mirò Gonzàles | Nile, Grave, Belphegor, Lord Belial, Korpiklaani, Ancient Rites, Sinister, Moonsorrow, Discharge, Skyclad, Horna... |


Daniele Tollon & Nicola Gobbo | Chronic Hate |


Nuccio Lo Presti | Raw Blues Trio, Settima Alterata Jazz Band, Joe Caruso & Raw Blues Trio |

Nuccio Lo Presti Nuccio Lo Presti2

BoostCatDrive sample by Nuccio Lo Presti (from 00'.14" to end)
with Strato Standard single coil Custom Shop '54.

BoostCatDrive sample by Nuccio Lo Presti (from 00'.19" to end)
with Strato Mahogany PAF.

Nuccio Lo Presti play Die to live (Steve Vai) with BoostCatDrive.


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